Introducing the Beyond Words Professional Transcription Service! Say goodbye to the limitations and inaccuracies of AI transcription with our team of highly trained transcriptionists. With expertise in various specialties, including legal and medical interviews, we understand the importance of following specific formats and distinguishing multiple speakers. 

Unlike AI software, which relies on algorithms and external servers – raising security concerns for sensitive information – we prioritize confidentiality by handling your files with utmost care. Our meticulous approach ensures that even technical legal and medical terms are transcribed accurately, without skipping a beat. Gone are the days of struggling with background noise interference; our human transcriptionists are skilled in filtering out distractions. 

While AI might claim to be faster, their lack of proper formatting and proofreading means that, ultimately, it requires the same amount of time as our human-transcribed files. Trust Beyond Words for a flawless and efficient transcription experience, leaving you with peace of mind and time to focus on what matters most.

What Is Human Transcription?

Human transcription is the act of taking audio or video and converting the verbal information into written text by a professional transcriptionist. This person listens to and/or watches the digital file and types out the words they hear.

Human transcription relies on the expertise, linguistic capabilities, and contextual understanding of humans to produce accurate transcripts. 

Human transcriptionists can also understand accents, dialects, tones and languages to ensure context is also provided in their written transcriptions.

What Is AI Transcription?

AI Transcription is also referred to as automated transcription, and is the act of having artificial intelligence and machine learning software analyze a digital file to recognize patterns and convert them into written words.

Generally these algorithms use a combination of machine learning, through speech recognition, natural language processing (NLP), and text generation.

The Drawbacks of AI Transcription

While AI Transcription markets itself as the modern solution, there are several reasons why you may still opt for a Human Transcriptionist for your next transcription project.

  • AI can’t format.  Each specialty has a very specific format to follow. This can lead to hard to understand transcripts or nearly unintelligible information.
  • AI can’t distinguish multiple speakers.  Legal and law enforcement as well as medical interviews, all have multiple speakers. This means you’ll need to manually review the transcript and do additional formatting.
  • AI software typically relies on algorithms to transcribe files, which would mean sensitive, highly confidential information could be stored on an outside server. This also means those algorithms could be learning on this data, which can have legal ramifications.
  • AI could miss technical legal and medical terms that aren’t typical or common. These technical terms could make the difference when utilizing the transcript as reference.
  • AI usually has issues transcribing anything with any kind of background noise, and rarely is court hearing, medical recording, or police body cam footage without background noise.
  • AI will always need proofing and formatting. Regardless of how good the AI is, you still must verify that the information is accurate.
  • AI might be faster, but after formatting and proofing, it would take the same amount of time as human transcription, which would be done correctly the first time by highly trained transcriptionists, like those at Beyond Words.

Save Time & Increase Your Staff’s Productivity


Why use BWTSI to perform your transcription?

  • Increase turnaround time and accuracy
  • Reduce overhead and administrative expenses
  • Handle fluctuating volumes
  • Eliminate staffing shortages and turnover
  • No more headaches of recruiting and training new employees
  • Reclaim valuable office space
  • Reduce payroll taxes and benefit payments
  • Eliminate transcription equipment costs, maintenance, and depreciation
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