We specialize in public safety transcription services for police departments, medical facilities, and fire departments. An online search for transcription sites will give you a plethora of sites to choose from. With a few exceptions, most of these sites deal with general transcriptions that do not require any form of security or confidentiality. These sites tend to use a revolving pool of employees or independent contractors who have not been subjected to a criminal background check or required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. We pride ourselves on professional, confidential, reliable, and accurate work with fast turnaround time. We only staff US transcriptionists, which means all work is governed by US privacy acts and strict HIPAA regulations. Outsource to Beyond Word Typing Service, Inc. today.

Fire Department Transcription Services

Beyond Words Typing Service handles investigative transcription for fire departments, as well as:

  • Dispatch transcription
  • Oral histories
  • Data entry
  • Data transcription
  • Audio transcription
  • Video transcription

We can format your transcription to your department’s high standards, as well as format it to your letterhead.

Our firefighting transcription service is done from digital recordings. You can upload your dictation to our secure, encrypted server easily and safely. Within seconds, we can start working on your reports and get them back to you FAST!

We Can Handle Transcription For Video, Voice, Dispatch Communication, And Anything Else Your Department Needs

Law Enforcement Transcription Services

Save Time and Money—There’s no reason to have officers staying late—collecting overtime—to type out their reports. Now they can do their job and we can do ours—typing your dictated reports. Plus, with dictation, your officers can be more thorough and remember more facts. Just dictate and send, and we’ll do the rest!

Rapid Turnaround Time—Once you dictate and send us the dictated file, we’ll get it typed up and sent back within 24 hours. Need it in a rush? Just let us know. We guarantee that you will be pleased with our police transcription service!

Private and Completely Confidential—We know how important it is to you that all information stays completely confidential and that’s why we only use US transcriptionists and a secure, web-based transcription system in accordance with all US privacy acts.

Competitive Rates—Our rates are competitive with industry standards; call for your free quote today!

Availability—We are available 365 days a year; just like you are!

Women Owned With Over 30 Years Of Collective Experience In Public Safety Transcription Services

Medical Transcription Services

Don’t let your dictation pile up. Let Beyond Word Typing Service, Inc. help you put it in the charts where it belongs!

We understand being a doctor means that you have a great deal of work and very little time. We work with your office so your transcription is exactly as you need it to keep with your practice standards.

As a client, you can expect near-perfect accuracy and amazing turnaround time. With BWTSI, you receive the benefits rather than pay for them!

If you are currently using an EMR and think that you no longer need transcription services, think again. While an EMR allows a physician to enter information right into the medical record, this is costing the practice an outrageous amount of money, as you now have one of the highest-paid typists around.

Shouldn’t the physicians spend their time where it’s needed most? They should be seeing and caring for patients, not typing. When the practice has to allow time for the physician to type, patients are losing out on their time and care with their physician.