Fire Departments—Beyond Words Typing Service handles investigative transcription for fire departments, as well as dispatch transcription, oral histories, data entry, and audio/video transcription. We can format your transcription to your department’s high standards, as well as format it to your letterhead!

Academic—University Department multi-person conversations, as well as university professor and department research transcription projects!

Video—If you have a video that you need to be turned into text, we can make transcripts from videotapes with ease, too!

Legal Transcription—Dictate your reports, correspondence, pleadings, briefs, deposition summaries, medical summaries, memorandums, motions, court hearings & interviews, or whatever you need to be transcribed at your convenience and upload them to us literally anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to our encrypted, secure FTP site.

Save Time & Increase Your Staff’s Productivity


Why use BWTSI to perform your transcription?

  • Increase turnaround time and accuracy
  • Reduce overhead and administrative expenses
  • Handle fluctuating volumes
  • Eliminate staffing shortages and turnover
  • No more headaches of recruiting and training new employees
  • Reclaim valuable office space
  • Reduce payroll taxes and benefit payments
  • Eliminate transcription equipment costs, maintenance, and depreciation
Medical Transcription
Insurance Transcription
Academic Transcription
Law Enforcement Transcription
Audio & Podcast Transcription
Building & Zoning Transcription
Fire Department Transcription
Legal Transcription
Data Entry & Word Processing

Podcasts/Webinars—If you have a podcast or webinar you would like transcribed, just send it over on our secure, encrypted FTP site, and we’ll do the rest! Having your podcast or webinar transcribed can be uploaded to your website to draw an even bigger audience or even be used to put together an eBook with a series of your podcasts/webinars on a particular subject as a convenience to your subscribers. Once your podcasts/webinars are transcribed, you can break them down into articles or sections for your blog. The sky is the limit once they have been transcribed, and you will find yourself referring back to the transcripts over and over again!

Private Investigation Transcription—In addition to our Legal and Law Enforcement transcription services, we are also pleased to offer private investigation transcription. We can transcribe interviews, conferences, notes, or anything else you need a text copy of for your clients. Just let us know!

Television Transcription—Beyond Words Typing Service has always provided our clients with accurate, professional transcription. We can handle transcribing from video with ease, always staying within our standard timeframe!

Insurance Transcription—We can handle your statements, investigation transcription, and reports fast to get the claim settled quickly!

Building & Zoning Transcription—Transcribing minutes, meetings, or reports is no problem and done quickly to get your office running smoothly!

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