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Thirty Years Of Experience Working With Lawyers, Courtrooms, and Public Defenders

Our transcription services are unmatched, and working with us includes:

Working With Beyond Words Typing Service

Choosing a transcription company can be a headache, especially with sensitive and private data.

BWTSI staffs only US based transcriptionists who are expertly governed by US privacy acts and HIPAA regulations.

We pride ourselves in our minimal turnover rates so you can be sure your confidential data is in the proper hands.

Working with Beyond Words Typing Service ensures you high quality and prompt transcription services.

We offer a service we’re proud of in a time that works for your schedule, offering a 24 hour turnaround time on many jobs.

Combined with our 365 days a year availability, we’re certain we’re the best transcriptionists for your job.

Beyond Words Offers The BEST In Legal Transcription

We have highly skilled professionals who are well versed in legal, medical and industry-related terminology gained through years of exposure to civil matters in depositions, trials, and hearings.

We offer transcription services for court hearings and interviews, legal proceedings, and more. Your transcription needs are met with the same high standards of accuracy and responsiveness you love from BWTSI.

Why Choose BWTSI For Your Legal Transcription Services?

Transcription Accuracy

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any place that reveals the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth like the American courtroom. But the truth is, few witness the pressures legal professionals and law firms withstand. Glitches. Snafus. Mistakes. Take the variance out of the equation with professional transcription service

Unmatched Flexibility

Beyond Words understands how while justice is the number one sought thing in every courtroom, all courtrooms operate differently. Because of this, we accept over 45 different digital audio files along with hard copies of audio from CDs, to flash drives to cassette tapes. Whatever you need - BWTSI can deliver!

Industry Experience

Beyond Words has a combined 30 years in the transcription industry - working for legal firms, courtrooms, lawyers, public defenders, and more to ensure unmatched transcription services. We're also HIPAA Compliant, and available to do transcription services across multiple different industries.

The Beyond Words Guarantee

Beyond Words Typing Service, Inc. is a woman-owned company, developed to offer businesses reliable, affordable, and professional administrative services.

Since its inception, Beyond Words has strived to maintain our excellent standing in the business community by giving our clients 100% personalized service every time, all the time.

We are certainly proud of the long lasting business relationships that we’ve built over the years with our clients.

*There are occasions when jobs are larger than usual and we will quote you.

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